REVOEL 2-year Anniversary

Our story started actually in 2017, when I (Elisa, one of founders) had a coffee with Anna after a school day in August. We had always talked about our dreams of having our own fashion brands. So I asked Anna simply "should we now establish a firm together and give it a try?". I knew she couldn't decline my suggestion. 

And so we started to plan what would be the first steps towards our dreams. At the same time our dreams became one common dream, which we would both commit to 150%, nothing less.

And in September 2018 we established REVOEL, and the story begins...

I am so grateful to have Anna who I can share all of this with. It would not feel as fun, challenging and rewarding to build this brand alone. And all the obstacles and stress don't feel too insuperable to carry when it's all shared. 

 At first when starting to build the brand and realizing that we really are making our dreams come true, we felt really excited, full of energy and ideas but also afraid and insecure because everything we had to do to make it would be new. It would be a lot of long days, learning and staying persistent.

Today, after two years, we have done much more that we thought we would and we are looking forward to the future with positive and hungry attitude. So stay tuned for what's coming! 

revoel team
Anna & Elisa (and someone's cute office dog :))

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