The REVOEL Founders

Where it all started...

The founders of Revoel, Anna and Elisa met about seven years ago when Anna moved to another city in Finland to study fashion and design. The two young ladies had a lot of similar ideas and shared some creative visions regarding women´s fashion and designing during their school years.

It was a no-brainer these friends wanted to create something long lasting and influential together. Fast forward to 2017, the decision to start their own fashion brand was sealed. Anna and Elisa started to brainstorm ideas and took action, starting from zero.

"It took a lot of patience, long days and creativity to get to the launch of our brand in Spring 2020, but I wouldn´t change anything." - Elisa

The two passionate entrepreneurs are just in the beginning of their journey in changing the fashion industry for the better, as in one of the brand values are "Respect for the planet and people", these women believe in making a positive impact within the industry.

Stay tuned to follow the journey of these ladies!

You can also find the latest news and women´s collections from Instagram @revoelclothing.




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