The Sustainable Values

Sustainability is the utmost important for us and its present in everything we do. We like to think that fashion should be done in a sustainable matter or not at all. No compromises.

Our sustainable and ethical practices are built with sourcing sustainable materials from European suppliers, designing and manufacturing products in Finland in small batches and considering the environmental impact we have overall as a business.

The Spring Summer 2020 swimwear collection is composed of recycled polyester and polyamide-materials. The materials are made of gathered waste from the Seas, e.g. plastic waste. In our packaging material, we used recycled polythene. The labels; size and care labels are woven labels made of recycled fibers as well. Paper materials such as hang tags are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard.

Talking about the shipping options, we have chosen to take the path to offer only the more environmental friendly shipping option to all our customers. The shipping is offered by DHL as a GoGress Express delivery to your door or other desired near destination.

We want to keep our path as green as possible, so therefore still in the future we can all enjoy beautiful garments and artsy pieces. New innovations in fabric and fiber manufacturing are coming more accessible step by step and we cant wait to utilize them as well in our designs.


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