15 Facts about the entrepreneurs of Revoel; Anna Jokinen

I'd like to introduce more my business partner, Anna Jokinen. I interviewed Anna about 15 facts she would like to share about her :)


1. Studies fashion and clothing at Metropolia in Helsinki

2. Wants to play an instrument again, like drums or piano as she used to play piano as a kid :)

3. Dreams about buying her own home and a super car

4. Likes to keep it real

5. Favorite food is mashed potatoes and sautéed reindeer

6. Wants to learn more about photographing, making video content, marketing in social media, new languages and to drive a car

7. Wants to travel and see the world, and hike!

8. Is 25 years old

9. Finds inspiration in people who do things different and break the boundaries

10. Wants to be more spontaneous in life 

11. Anna is reliable, loyal, friendly, calm (but with a short temper) and ambitious

12. Loves sports, it gives her energy and is good for mental resilience

13. Became an entrepreneur, because it would be the only way to make her dreams come true, she wants to test herself and her potential. Anna has always been into doing her own thing. Being an entrepreneur makes her feel free.

14. Cares a lot about her family and friends

15. Likes hard style and trance music 


The REVOEL team, Anna and Elisa


-Elisa K.


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