Design Philosophy

There is no right or wrong answer to how design nor fashion should be created. Everyone has their own path in creative processes. Creativity can be born from anything around us.

"You can play without being creative, but you can't be creative without playing."

Designing at Revoel is very much inspired by colors that catch the eye, shapes and figures that leave a memory and the feeling perfectly fitting garments create.

Elisa and Anna design together the collections for women around the world who value quality, femininity and unique styles. The two designers start with thinking about who they want to create the garments for and what kind of an impact they want to have on women; to empower them to dress up to embrace their own personality. 

It is very much important to think of different body types when designing a full collection. For instance, a high cut bikini bottom make an illusion of longer legs. Who would not like that? 

The collections are handmade in small batches in Finland and also the design philosophy entails the thought of "quality over quantity". Sustainability is a basis for all steps in designing process and sourcing. The slogan "Creating sustainable women´s fashion with elegance" are words to take action with.



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