Introducing Our Studio in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

For a moment, we have been wanting to share something with you... We moved to our first studio / workspace a few months ago in Helsinki and we a thrilled to share it for you! As this is our first own space for the company, it is so heart-warming to have a place where we can let our creativity flow without any limits.

In this lovely space, we design, make products, visualize and set goal, try and fail, make our own rules and paths for success.

The studio is located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki and we work in the same space with our entrepreneur partner Ilmari Säilä, who is some kind of a magician, making patterns for clothing. Check out his work here. In the same building we are surrounded by artists, entrepreneurs and inspiring people. This kind of communities we love to support and would wish them to be more in Finland.

In the picture: Anna & me at the studio in our natural habitat

We decided to arrange workshops at the studio, this way we can contribute more to support the circular fashion and making sustainable choices... Therefore the first workshops are "Fix you wardrobe and network". The idea is that you can bring you loved clothing to the studio and we will repair / style them together to give them a new life. Read more about the concept here and join us!

With love and inspiring vibes,



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