Lessons Learned as Entrepreneurs

We want to share our knowledge and lesson about entrepreneurship, therefore we have something to tell you... Our journey as entrepreneurs in the fashion industry has been really interesting, challenging and surprising. Now is the time to share some of the important lessons we have learned by far.

"Set goals, make strategies and keep going."

You can never have too large network

Especially in the field of fashion, it seems that things get a lot easier the larger your network is. When you feel like you need a photographer, models, certain fabrics and trims, the right patterns, store location or retailer, you can go a long way with already established networks. It saves you a lot of time and effort when you already know who to ask when you have a puzzle to solve. 

Anyhow, this was not the case for us. We did not have a large network to begin with, and we've had to use enormous amount of time to connect with the right people and still are learning as we go.

It is easier to create beautiful products than actually find the customers

As we are creative and full of ideas, we have a large catalogue of great products in mind. And we know how to make them happen in practicality. The more difficult task is: how to find the right customers who love your products and love to wear them. In the digital marketing environment, there are endless opportunities to market your products. The question is, how to choose the ones to get started with?

Things will go wrong, but you have to keep your focus and move forward

It is certain that a lot (emphasizing: a lot) of things will go wrong and not as expected. If you really believe in your idea and your skills, you have to realign your focus and move forward. Set goals, make strategies and keep going.

To focus, you can do meditation journeys to your favorite destinations <3


You can't learn entrepreneurship at school

Both, me and Anna have had quite a bunch of studies by far. No of these degrees or courses prepared us for the actual day-to-day challenges and surprises running a business brings in front of you. The real school begins when the business starts rolling.


 -Elisa K.


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