REVOEL - Sustainable Materials

The starting point for everything we do, is sustainability and thinking about our impact on the world. From the very beginning of planning our business, we thought that we are going to make our products with recycled or some other way sustainable materials, or not at all. We researched many different options in fabrics and trims, and went to different sourcing fairs in Europe.

We think that all fashion should be made sustainably.

All this led us to choosing Econyl and Ecowave as our fabrics to start with for the swimwear collection. Our Econyl fabrics are made in Italy, with recycled plastic waste and other eccess industrial waste turned into fabulous and silky soft fabrics. The Ecowave fabric comes from Spain, also derived from recycled plastics. 

The Econyl fabric is 78% recycled polyamide, 22% elastane and Ecowave 85% recycled polyester and 15% elastane. Find more information on the fabrics and compositions on the product pages. 

We also partner with Finnish company Tuotenauha Oy for having care labels made with recycled polyester. 

 And naturally, we manufacture all pieces in our studio in Lauttasaari with my colleague Anna Jokinen. 


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