Its time to introduce the different, spectacular products in the REVOEL X ERIKA VIKMAN collection.

Our customers have fell in love with the Cosmos skirt in Psychedelic Print (designed by Anna Jokinen). This skirt is comfortable, sassy and serving the energetic look everyone needs this Summer!

The skirt is available in sizes Small to Extra Large.

And, of course, the skirt is made of recycled materials <3 This fabric is made of recycled plastics, gathered from the Oceans, knitted in the United Kingdom.


This skirt is perfect for Mondays when you need extra boost or any party where you want to make sure you have fun! Accessorize the skirt with golden jewellery, cool sunglasses and a top of your choice.
-Elisa K.

You are warmly welcome to follow our journey and get brave with your style!

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