What Makes Us Sustainable Brand? 6 Facts of REVOEL

We want to share what makes us sustainable and ethical by sharing six practical ways we incorporate sustainable practices in everything we do.


1. We design and make all our gorgeous pieces by hand at our small studio in Helsinki, Finland.

2. Our design philosophy is to produce limited collections or made-to-order to minimize production waste. That's why we don't waste any fabrics. We turn our leftover fabrics into accessories or small pouches.

3. We use only recycled and ethically made fabrics that have the OEKO-TEX® standard 100. This standard ensures that the materials are free of harmful substances.

4. Sustainability is displayed also in our packaging, since our packaging material is made of 100% recycled polythene. (In the near future, our plan is to invest in biodegradable and compostable packaging materials).

5. We arrange REVOEL Workshops (when this pandemic situation will allow). There you can repair your whole wardrobe and network, how cool is this?!

6. One of our major goals is to be as transparent as we can in all our business endeavors.


-Elisa K. 


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