Where the name REVOEL curated from?

There's a story behind the brand name that very few know yet ;)

We wanted the name to be personal for us, the founders of the brand. So, after some brainstorming and writing down very very many different options for the name... Anna came up with a brilliant idea! 

As we like to do things according to our own preferences and however we like, our horoscopes really represent us as personalities. I am a leo, born in August and Anna is an Aries, born in April. And then becomes the twist. We translated these horoscopes into latin, resulting to Leo & Vervex. Then we picked up "leo" and "ver" which were combined into REVOEL spelled backwards.

We a happy to leave a legacy with this brand name. It's international, a bit mysterious, sometimes hard to pronounce for people, but unique.

making a fashion brand logo 

Different logo versions in the making of REVOEL logo.


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