Why We Created REVOEL?

As we like to ask big questions from ourselves... Many times we have considered; why exactly we created REVOEL? In my opinion, to stay consistent with your business and staying motivated, there needs to be a purpose and reason behind everything you do as an entrepreneur and as a business leader.

There are many reasons why me and Anna wanted to start our own business. We set long-term goals in our personal lives and like to think years ahead. In the big picture, thinking about our lives and how we want to live now and later, it is for a fact that we want to be leaders of our own life, have freedom and test our own capabilities and boundaries. We want to learn and grow as persons as much as we can. 

And as we have felt since little girls, that the entrepreneurship is our only way to success and happiness in life, here we are. 

In addition to our personal preferences and desires, we want to have an impact in the world, a good kind of an impact. We want to be as a part of changing the fashion industry for the better by being local, using only recycled or surplus materials and creating limited edition/ made-to-order collections. 

Above all, it's in our nature to be creative, take responsibility and be ambitious and passionate what comes to carrying out our missions in life.

So here we have few thoughts about why we wanted to start all this... You can make your dreams come true, no one else can do it for your. Be unstoppable and make it happen! :)


-Elisa K.


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