Care & size guide

How to find your size

 Measure body measurements as follows:


Measure your bust girth size under your arms at the widest point of your breast.


Measure your waist girth size at the thinnest point of your waist.


Measure your hip girth size at the widest point of your hips.

Body measurements (in cm) and size conversions

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Care Guide

Following our simple care guide instructions, you will ensure a long life for your swimwear.


Swimwear should be rinsed with water directly after using. However, rinsing alone is not enough for washing purpose, since chlorine, salted water, sunscreen and sweat can damage the fibers of the fabric; this is not a manufacturing defect.


Solid colour swimwear:

  • Can be washed in washing machine with delicate textile´s washing program 30 – 40 Celsius degrees with liquid detergent (we recommend nontoxic and biodegradable products; being better for the planet).
  • Use washing net when washed in a machine.
  • The delicate washing program keeps the water temperature constant throughout the wash, conserving the textiles from excess processing and wear out.
  • Do not use fabric conditioner, since it will damage quality of the fabric.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Remove accessories and bra cups before washing.


Printed fabric swimwear:

  • Can’t be washed in washing machine.
  • Only hand wash.
  • Avoid too high hand wash temperatures, the optimum washing temperature is hand warm.
  • Remove accessories and bra cups before washing.


In all items, please always familiarize yourself to read the product care label inside the garment. The care instructions vary per item due to their different details.

In addition notice that for instance, sand, sharp stones and rattan chairs (if the cover is broken) might damage the surface of the fabric.