Our Story


The founders of Revoel are Elisa Karvonen and Anna Jokinen, two Finnish women full of inspiration and drive with the same vision to create formfitting, unique and quality women´s fashion.

Elisa Karvonen & Anna Jokinen


The women behind REVOEL are two Finnish visionaries; Elisa Karvonen and Anna Jokinen.

These two met each other in 2013 while studying fashion and clothing together. It was clear that they would start an adventure together. And they knew, already at the age of 17, what they wanted their future to look like; expressing their creativity through entrepreneurship and make an impact on the world. Elisa and Anna have been determined and walking their own path since they were little, not knowing their paths would collide one day.

In 2017 Elisa and Anna made a step towards their dream of becoming masters of their own life and creating the future they had painted in their minds. The journey of REVOEL started as the highly motivated team of two started to research what they should begin with.

After many experiences, obstacles, struggles and moments of enthusiasm, now in 2021 they have learned more than they could have imagined and are on the journey of their vision coming true.

Today, REVOEL is an expression of their creativity and passion to create sustainable fashion for women that inspires, energizes with colors and prints, and drives to make an impact on the planet.

                              “We want to inspire women to show their real colors, dress confidently and have fun with it. It is utmost important for us to do all of this sustainably, not harming people nor the planet along with it.”-Elisa & Anna

All the products are designed and made in Finland, and at heart REVOEL is international brand. Only recycled or surplus materials sourced from Europe are used for manufacturing all the lovely pieces.

                              “We make premium quality fashion with our own style; mix of elegance, sport and boldness. Sustainable fashion has never looked this good!”-Elisa & Anna     


To find out more of our secrets behind the brand, read our blog here.


Our values

Respect for planet and people

It should be self-evident in fashion industry to be sustainable and make ethical business choices - for us it is.


We do not compromise on quality materials and styles.


It is fundamental for us to serve women with different preferences of style.


We are obsessed with executing our dreams and improving everyday.


Attention to detail is crucial for us and we want to be nothing less than excellent in what we love to do - creating garments for women.


Quality over quantity.



You are warmly welcome to follow our journey and get brave with your style!

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