Our Story

The founders of Revoel are Elisa Karvonen and Anna Jokinen, two Finnish women full of inspiration and drive with the same vision to create formfitting, unique and quality women´s fashion.

Elisa Karvonen & Anna Jokinen

Elisa Karvonen & Anna Jokinen

We draw inspiration from the little things in life to the wildest dreams and from places which make us feel creative. Vibrant colors, geometric and abstract shapes are the base of our fabric designing.

Find out more about how we make sustainable fashion here.

Join Us <3

We are looking for team members to join our journey to take over the world with beautiful, innovative and sustainable fashion! If you are interested to join, be would be very happy to hear from you. Contact Anna or Elisa for more info.


Our values

Respect for planet and people

It should be self-evident in fashion industry to be sustainable and make ethical business choices - for us it is.


We do not compromise on quality materials and styles.


It is fundamental for us to serve women with different preferences of style.


We are obsessed with executing our dreams and improving everyday.


Attention to detail is crucial for us and we want to be nothing less than excellent in what we love to do - creating garments for women.


Quality over quantity.


Contact us

Elisa Karvonen           Anna Jokinen     
CEO                            Creative Director
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