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As a co-founder and entrepreneur of Revoel, I think it´s time to write more about our vision and goals for the future. Our business is quite small at this stage, but we have always believed in thinking big. In my opinion, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to reach for the stars because anything can come true with the right mindset, thorough preparations combined with taking action.

First, I want to outline the different "departments" of our business (funny to use the departments definition when there are total of two people involved in all tasks at this moment). The different departments include product development and designing, manufacturing, sales & marketing, customer care and product handling/shipping and operations management (e.g. finance, business development, legal..).

As everything is just in the starting point, everyday we remind ourselves of the big vision. We for instance keep different notes on our desks and phones as reminders.

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And getting to the point... The vision comes from our strive and need for having a positive impact on the world, execute our creativity, see what we are capable of and having the chance to change our and others´ world.

We have decided to commit to the following goals (10-year perspective), not in a certain order:

  • Conquer the European markets (digitally and/or physically)
  • Create a full spectrum of categories in women´s clothing and accessories designed by us, of course
  • Build a community "REVOEL Women" for uniting and inspiring like-minded women around the world
  • Be in collaboration in developing new innovations in the apparel manufacturing
  • Develop and refresh the Finnish fashion industry to increase the sustainable fashion exporting from Finland
  • Learn as much as we can and fail forward 

These goals make me so excited for the future (and a bit exhausted at the same time thinking about the long days ahead :'))! 

While working for making the vision come true, it´s important to take care of ourselves so we can enjoy the fruits of the hard work later. 

I hope you have an inspiring, energetic day <3


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