• REVOEL & the Future Vision

    In this post, we open our vision more in detail as we see it. Click read more to be amazed!
  • REVOEL Pre-order Sportswear Collection 2020

    The exclusive pre-order collection of fabulous and comfy sportswear collection is here! Get your hands onto these special fashion items.
  • REVOEL Gift Card Is Here!

    The REVOEL Gift Card is here! Choose the most spectacular and sustainable gift for your fashion-lover friend, starting from 25€.
  • The Sustainable Values

    Explained the REVOEL Sustainable Values and how they show in our collection.
  • REVOEL 2-year Anniversary

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  • REVOEL x Ingacecilia Collaboration

    Discover our collaboration with Finnish jewelry-artisan Ingacecilia and get inspired or the new era of sustainable fashion.
  • The Most Loved Products from the SS20 Collection

    Introducing the most loved styles - Luna swimsuit and Elsie bikinis. Pick your favorite colors from the shop
  • REVOEL Signature Liquid Print Design

    Read the story and ideas behind the unique print fabric - designed by the Co-Founder and Creative Director Anna Jokinen
  • Design Philosophy

    Get to know the design philosophy behind the two designers; Elisa and Anna. The slogan "Creating sustainable women´s fashion with elegance" leads the way.
  • The REVOEL Founders

    Find out where it all began with the Finnish luxury fashion brand.